Countless hours of development, OS Insanity gives you an epic server rivaled by none other.
Emulating the best Oldschool content is the #1 priority for OS Insanity.

What is OS Insanity?

OS Insanity is a remake project based on the OSRS revision. .

Raids w/ Great Olm

OSP features a multi level OSRS raids mini-game like no other. Fight as a team today in our Raids for awesome rewards.

Inferno Mini

Enjoy all 67 waves of the Inferno grind for the ultimate Inferno Cape grind.

Best Pking

Experience only the best in OSRS Pking with customizable, a active wildy, presets and fast combat EXP.

24/7 Dedicated

With a 16 GB dedicated server paid for months in advance, you will never have to worry about downtime.


Complete unique achievements to earn epic rewards and bonus experience to aid your quest to greatness

Trading Post

Buy and sell your loot on an open market trading post for a little extra bank.

Join OS Insanity and embark on an epic adventure

OS Insanity

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